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scary. >> reporter: this is a large partment comex. folks who live here say most of the units have their window treatments replaced from the chain and cords to a stick mechanism. however, some of the older units and those living there the longest still have the old style system. sadly we think that was the case here where this tragedy occurred. police in prince george's county have identified a teenager shot a kill last night in hyattsville. his name is ellen alexis ramirez. he is 17 years old. police say they found him suffering from a gunshot wound around 8:00 last night in the 2600 block of nickelson street. ramirez was taken to a hospital where he later died. whoer shotim is still on the loose. the man known as the serial stabber will soon be charged with murder. on monday, prosecutors in flint, ichigan, plan to announce new
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charges against him. five men in the flint area were kill. nine others were injured in the series of stabbings earlier this year. so far, he has been only charged with assault with intent to murder. he is also the suspect in two stabbings and another sabbing case in ohio. >> the policen fairfax and in loudoun counties in virginia believe a series of robbies in those two areas may be connected. surveillance cameras captured the suspect. he is wanted in robberies at three salons, a fast food restaurant and a convenience store. three of the robberies were at hair cuttery salons including this one. in each instance, the suspect pl a knife and took cash from theregister. a maryland state senator accused of using his influence pleaded not guilty to the federal charges against him. 73-yearld ulysses curry is charged with bribe rirk
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conspiracy, mail raud, and extortion. investigatorsay he used his position as a lawmaker to benefit shoppers, food and pharmacies in severalealings with the state without disclosing that he was being paid by the company stepped down as chairman of the maryland senate budget and taxation committee but he is still a senator running unopposed in the election. vincent gray won as mayor for the district this week. he is deciding wheer he wants michelle rhee to stay or go. most believe it is only a matter of time before she either quits or is fired. >> reporter: jay said he wanted to sit down with her this week but she is out of town. d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee is visiting her fute husband, kevin johnson, the mayor of sacramento. her future here at chancellor
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growing dim. on friday's show, vincent gray that he will talk to rhee next month. said say he will either quit or beired beuse she is classed with gray over style and substance. >> we've done very well some days. other days by nature of the process when it is contention. my conversation with her will be where are you at this point? we've had an electionism want to hear from her, what is important to her with respect to twing reform. >> reporter: he said the election was disastrous but amended it to sayt wasn't directed at gray but fears reform may slow. gray, who handily defeated fenty on tuesday, said he won't back off reform but will consult with teachers and others involved. >> reform is the top issue along with getting people back to work. >> reporter: gradownplayed the rumors that he is already oking at the former d.c. city wok here is briefly president of the d.c. school board and now
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runs school reform in detroit. >> i have not had any conversations with him. i worked very choice with him. >> reporter: also he suggested he is disappointinghat president obama had not made a personal congratulatory phone call since the election. he wants the president to be more involved with thecity that voted 93% for obama in 2006. >> the only thing he can do locally eat at our restaurants. i do think there's more that nds to be done. and i do want to hear from the president. >> reporter: gray said beyond a phone call, he would like obama to support voting rights for zpees for the city's license tag back on the presidential limo. back to you. >> tom sherwood. thanks. although vient gray defeated the incumbe mayor in the democratic primary, fenty won the republican primary as a write-in candidate. the republican party did not field candidate but a toll of 822 republicans wrote in fenty's
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name. late this afternoon, he release ad statement that said while i am humbled by the nomination, i will not accept warren is harvard profeor. today she was asked to work on the consumer product safety commission. it mandates the creation of such an agency mr. obama's decision to give warren a role in deveping the new consumer bureau instead of naming her the chief avoids a confirmation fight in the senate. years ago, warren call for a watch dog agency to protect consumers in their dealings with mortgage company and other financial institutions. republicans immediately criticized the maneuver six men were arrested today on terror charges in lochbld police say they may have bee plotting to attack the pope. all the suspects wore for an agency that provide street cleaning near westminster. they were arrested just hours before the pope wasto give a major address ther investigators at scotland yard
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stay the arrests were prompted by a tip with information with what they said was too violent to ignore. they also reviewed the security plan for the pope and concluded they have taken the right precautions. the vatican agrees. >> going to say we are totally confident. the work of the police or scotland yard. >> pope benedict xvi's suggestion was that the hall is attended, they call it the increasingly marginal influence of christianity. in baltimore, police are trying to see if they could have missed any clues that helped predict the deadly shootings at johns hopkins hospital. an arlington man shot a doctor at the hospital before taking his own life and his mother's. aaron gilchrist is outside the suspect's home with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: fbi agents spent time in paul pardus' home trying to determine if something could
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tell them if something pushed him over the edge. it seem a case of a mother who was suffering through old age and a son who couldn't help her. a single flower on the front step. a single expression of sorrow for the mother and son who shared themall arlington home. a neighbor will us how paul pardus brought his 84-year-old mother an davis here as her health failed. >> he was saying that she was ill, you know. and we had discussed it. and i know that he was very shaken by it. he wanted hero be healthy and safe. >> reporter: police say pardus went to johns hopkins hospital thursday morning and discussed his mother condition with her doctor who colleagues identified as orthopedic surgeon david cohen. distressed by her prognosis, he pulled out his registered gun and shot coh in the chest and before it was all over, fired a single sbleet his mother's head and then into his own. >> is there something communition between a family member that we missed, is there
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some communication between the staff? these are things that hopkins will develop and we'll examine through our investigations. should we have known was there a clue that we could have picked up? baltimore detectives haven't closed ts case. they're searching for answers and evaluating their response. the police commissioner today tried to address how a gun made it to the eighth floor ofn internationally renowned hospital >> very, very small weapon. i mean, the whole thing could be concealed in the palm of your hands. so in terms of rognizing an armed gunman and all those thing that people would theorize about, it would be, it would present a big challenge. >> reporter: johns hopkins hospital said with more than 80 entrances, putting in metal detectors and the armed guards to protect them would be impractical. >> 80 it would be difficult. >> reporter: the hospital officials say their emergency
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plans and their security teams worked yesterday. still, they are carefully recessing their safety procedures. for now we're live in arlington, back to you. >> aaron gilchrist reporting. thank you. comi up, pat collins talks with the two men taken hostage inside the discovery building. her story made international headles. now the woman who was a victim of an acid attack said she did it to herself. >> they are planning to hold dueling rallies on the mall. >> a rare sight in new york city. a possible tornado there. >> that's all part of the weather system that came through but didn't get much rain so now the leaves are dropping off the trees. the rag weed levls are climbing. high school football folly. you just have to see is coming up. the redskins want to see offensive improvement against the tans and the texans' defenseells peyton manning in check last week. they do the same to donavan
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mcnabb this week?
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fisherme hotel orrestaurant works who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and at includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means workingwith cmun. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. to cover lost income until people impacted and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expee. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its mmitments?
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i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until weake this right.
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rescuers are getting ever closer to feeing those 33 miners who are trapped in chile. today, a bore hole reached the tavern where the dozens of men are in prison, so to speak. it will need to be widened so they can be pulled to freedom. officials say that could take several weeks. in the meantime, food, water and medical supplies are being dropped down for them. >> british petroleum crews in the gulf of mexico are on track to permanently se the ruptured oil welly thisweekend. as jay gray reports now, they started the final procedure pitching in cement. >> reporter: in the gulf right now, semiis flowing instead of oil.
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the final step in permanenly sealing the deepwater horizon well. the process bp engineers say should be finished sometime tomorrow. it will take about 5,000 gallons of cement to do the job pumped in through the primary relief well which intersected with the crippled rig thursday. almost 13,000 feet below the floor of the gulf. as teams close off the rig, they're beginning to close down operations at the spill site. >> we are demobilizing equipment that's not needed. >> reporter: but many at the gulf coast want to make sure there is no slow down of the clean-up and recovery effort. even now, almost five months after the rig explosion and collapse and more than two months since crude has flowed into the gulf, teams are still finding oil. independent scientist say along the gulf floor, they've identified blankets of crude in some areas, two inches thick. federal officials are promising to continue work in the region for as long as it takes.
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>> we're in the midst of a comprehensive cloobra i have the effort to monitor the fate of the oil and the dispersants' subsurface. >> most here agree, even en the well is seal, there will still be a lot of work left to be done. >> reporter: the coast guard has committed to being a part of the clean-up through the end of the year anlonger if necessary. jay gray, nbc news, venice, louisiana. >> gulf resents will be feeling the pain of all this for years to come. tourism is still down in that region. and shrimpers say it has been difficult to sell their catch because many people believe the seafood is not safe to eat. coming up, conservative confidence taking place near d.c. we'll report on how republican leaders are trying to bring the party togethr. and the mother of natalee holloway confronts the suspect and her daughter's disappearance in jail. we'll tell you how she was able to sneak in. and veronica has our week for
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an incredibly deadly and powerful storm may have touched down in t most unlikeliest of places. new york city. residents scrambled for cover from 100-mile-an-hour winds as nickel size hail pelted tm yefld trees were snapped, wires were knock down and tractor-trailers were flipped over. a driver was kill when a tree fell on her vehicle in queens. official with the national weather service will be investigating to find out whether it was atornado. witnesses reported seeing funnel clouds. >> a couple time this summer they've had tornadoes there. >> kind of while. hurricane force winds over one behind mis an hour. >> you don't speck that. our weather seem to be settled down. >> we had some warnings re. on the other side of the front for us, some ce dry air. in fact, today we've been in the comfort zone, folks. with a high temperature of 82
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degrees. yesterday we were into the 90s. and some of that warm air that triggered the warnings in the severe weather up north with the weather coming in. rainfa, in fact, a little bit early. 100th of an inch of in. only .08 as you will see. the definite now well over six inches. getting close to 6 1/2 ches. you've probably noticed the brown spots, the trees expressed, the leaves starting to drop. a lot going on with the loss of rainfall. including the rag weed down, coming up from yesterday already. 78 is the temperature. the humidity at 48%. a nice breeze coming in the weather front. temperature by 11:00 wl drop to 65 degrees. 60 by 5:00 a.m. 62 by around 7:00 a.m.
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outlying areas in the 50s. a little bit of a cool start for us. e severe weather, most of that up north. stanton oil, a pocket of severe weather wi yet another separate line coming throu southeastern ohio, as well as western west virginia from those storms yesterday. now again, look at that. drying out. clouds all the way down to the south. showers there. we continue to look at the areas that need the rainfall. the spot around eastern virginia, western portions of maryland. and anywhere from about frederick county and virginia, wn toward spotsylvania and stafford county and off to the west. severely to extremely dry conditions. those are the areas that got the rainfall out of this weatr system. posted .75 of an inch of rain. over a third in martinsburg, west virginia. other locations, only a few hundredths of an inch of rain.
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a better chancef rain wednesday of next week. look at th heat down south. north carolina, 89. 91 in atlanta, georgia. that's on the south side of the weathesystem. it will be a while before we get any heat around here. a pretty nice weekend coming your way. first is dry and cool for the overnight periods. we drop down to the 50s. there is that front that culd bring a sprinkle to the area late sunday. maybe starting with some cloud cover early on monday. we have to wait until next we to get any standing rainfall. speaking of substantial rain, hat's exactly what will happen right here around areas of eastern mexico. aroun vera cruz to the eastern sierra madre mountains. karl is a category 1 storm asit makes its way to the west and southwest. then we've got igor to talk about. pretty rare to get so many hurricanes, a trio going on from the atlaic to the caribbean. right now, igor, the forecast will move. keep in mind, there it is. a category 3.
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it wl increase strength. but to the east of bermuda, late sunday, early monday. it will be about a day to a day and a half that they ha hurricane force winds and some realeavy rain. what we'll get here, the waves will propagate out. there will be some rough surf and dangerous rip currents from the mid-atlantic all the way to new gland. for the weekend, going into next week. here's a look at the forecasted evening. mostly cloudy. and then the clouds continue to move out. we drop from the 70s to the mid 60s early torrow morning. we'll be in that nice comfort zone. nice cool refreshing air. 54 to 60 degrees. then the high, 84 degrees. a pleasant day for tomorrow. a great weekend coming our way. we've got, of course, friday football we've got college games going on tomorrow. there is no weather systems across the entire nation that will be a big problem. the early part of next week, in the low 80s. the front, the next one comes through dry. and ten probably not the needed
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rain until wednesday of next week and could get more on friday. >> all right. thanks. coming up tonight, the hostages in the discovery building stand-off. we'll talk to pat collins about how they managed to get out of there. >> the pictures are tough to look . now police stay victim of the acid attack did it to herself. and a man steps away from a house office building. we'll tell you why itill be difficult to get around town. a pair of bridges about to shut down. and what else? redskins and texans. houston, a little wary of donavan mcnabb's runng ability. and the maryland terps know they will have a big challenge on their hand in morgantown coming up.
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they say it was a gay will change their lives fore. >> after spending four hours with agunman strapped with
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explosives, they me a live or death decision. >> reporter: they were forced to lie on a marble floor for hours while the suspect is threatening to kill himself an everyone around him. >> people say, don't come in here. i'll blow us all up. today is a good day to die. >> reporter: septemer 1, silver spring. the discovery building headquarters. a stand-off that went on for nearly four hours. two discovery employees and a security guard held by a suspect who rigged himself up like a human bomb. today, jim mcnulty and chris woods talked about that frightening experience. >> it was pretty obvius that he was there to die either at his hands or at the police's. he kept saying, i don't care about these people. i don't care about these people.
6:29 pm
i'm here to do what i'm here to do. and i don't care if they die or not. i'll kill them. >> reporter: after it appeared that negoations with police were breaking down the hostages decid to make a move. it came after whispered words and hand signals. the escape. >> i saw the guard making hand motions, which i couldn'tfigure out he was doing this on his arm. i saw legs. he held up what would be a pistol. i couldn't figure that out. he was bending down a lot, moving himself around a lot. finally i got his attention and in, run. i mouthed run and he shook his head yes. and then krystopher mouthed the word run and he had his arms folded and he held down three fingers. >> i arted counting down a little bit. i put one finger down and i got nervous. the gunman was looking at me and
6:30 pm
iut it back up. i hesitated and i counted down again. i went all the way to zero. i looked back up a jim. i looked back at the gunman and he was looking right at me. season looked down at the phone, i dropped my arms and took off running for the same door that i came in. >> reporter: onceoutside the building, mcnulty and wood were instructed by police to lie on the ground. they were actually handcuffed by police until they determine whether they were friend or foe. >> i've never been in cuffs before. i didn't mind one bit. i knew i was safe. i knew i was out of there. just a sense of relief like thank god i'm out of there. >> reporte thesetwo men will not soon forget what happened at tha discovery building. on that september day. >> the more i think about it, the idea that my children could
6:31 pm
have lost their dad that day really makes me pause. because they are the most important thing in my life. and i can't even imagine, i can't even imagine that. and thank god i don't have to. >> reporter: once the hostages were out, the police killed the gunman. what about the hostages? have they gone back to the discovery building? yes, just once. they say it was one of the hardest thing they've ever done. will they go back to wok? yes. at some point when they're ready. but they're not ready yet. >> i can understand why. and i guess there is no pressure tol back any time soon. >> reporter: not at all. discovery is very helpful. >> you can watch the entire interview on our website. we're now hearing some of the frantic call made to 911 moments ter an armed man shot
6:32 pm
a doctor at johns hopkins hospital. >> how many shots did you hear? >> one. i was standing right there. the physician went down. >> he went down where? >> yeah. >> you're saying he was shot? >> yes. >> the arlington resident paul pardus has been accused of shooting aurgeon yesterday who was giving him some bad news about his mother's prognosis. police think pardus shot his mother and then shot himself ter that. witnesses describe hearing a single gunshot when the doctor was attacked. but it is still not clear exactly when pardus shot himself and his mother. nobody reported hearing any consequent gunshots. an armed man was shot by police thisorning a few steps away from the capital building. toss there is an investigation. police say it happened about 5:00 this morning near the interction of second and c
6:33 pm
street southwes the suspect, they say, pointed a gun at the officers. jane watrel has the report. >> reporter: t shooting of an armed man happened before dawn. moments after the gunman was spotted by u.s. capitol police behind the health and human servicesbuilding. >> officers observed the man brandishing a weapon in the area of second and c street southwest. they fired their weapon. the suspect was hit and he was taken to a local area hospital. >> reporter: capitol police remain tight-lipped on details surrounding the man's name or condition. as investigators from the metrolitan police department were called in to investigate the use of force. a standard procedure when officers are involve in gun fire. a pair of shoes believed to be belongg to the suspect remain in the streets as federal workers headed to their jobs. >> i saw on the news, the shoes. that was very eerie. to see him in person, that was woe. >> reporter: while capitol police consider the incident
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isolated, it did take place in the shadow of the u.s. capitol building. >> it is really important to remember that this area can be very small. and it is easy for someone to go a couple blocks, a couple seconds. especially if they're running away or from the police or anything like that. >> reporter: hour after the shooting unfolded, those who work in the area say they don't feel the least bit unsafe. >> never heard any violent crimes taking place around hhs. all the years that i've worked there. >> i feel pretty safe. pretty safe. >> reporter: aording to the senate sergeant at arm, the suspect had prior offenses including firearm charges. on capitol hill, jane watrel, news4. we have a pair of traic alerts for drivers crossing the potomac. the bridge will be closed ight. crews are working the make repairs underthe bridge deck. traffic welcome blocked from both the arlington and the d.c. side. the chain bridge will be closed to walkers and bikers.
6:35 pm
construction is n affect trafic on canal road. it will reopen by the monday morning rush hour the south capitol street bridge kwn as the frederick douglas bridge will be closed this weekend. lanes will be closed off at 9:00 tonight. it will reopen monday morning but be closed again overnight throughout the next two week. transportation officials hope to be ableo lift weight restrictions on the bridge once the work is complete. the popular deli in d.c. has been serving correspond beef, pastrami and other foods for 51 years. but today the deli mark its last die 15th strt. it is shutting its doors and moving. the siblings who run the family business say they've been forced out because the building is being renovated soon. the work is expected to last several years. the restaurant is rocating to 17th and "i" about four blocks away. it will open in decemr. the owners hope customers will
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make the move with them. coming up, a woman who believes she was the victim of an acid attack did it to herself. >> another set of dueling
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welcome back. taking a look at the pollen count for you. when it dry, the pollen down is up. the total count at 37. likely to remain moderate high with the dry conditions. dry, yeah. salz burry, maryland at 78 degrees. 78 in town. i just looked at their rainfall deficit. it is at eight inches. so i'm sure they'll be throwing on the water. mid 70s, where we are right now. we'll be dropping to mid 60s by
6:40 pm
10:00 and 11:00 p.m.then a cool morroworning but also for sunday morning. the high, seasonable right around 80 degrees. then 83 on suay. you can see we'll be starting out with 55 to about 61 degrees this weekend. even cooler by the time we get to tuesday. on thether side of that next weather front. but rain, don't look for that until about wednesday of next week. >> forget about it. >> thanks. the centers for disease control is responding to reports of a new sup bug virus that resistsearly all antibiotics. the three new u.s. cases stemming from medical care in india are just part of the problem. they stay u.s. already had its own version of the super bug. 35 states, including maryland, virginia and d.c. have reported cases. the cdc said the majority of cases began inside health care facilities like hospitals. they say they've already alerted the medical community and are providing guidance on preventive measures.
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> a woman in vancouver, washington, now admits that she threw acid in her own face. 28-year-old bethany storro originally told police that a stranger, a black woman approached her on the street last month and splashed acid on her. at the time, her story drew worldwide sympathy. >> once it hit me, i could actually hear bubbling in my skin. if anybody knows any information of the rl that did this to me, you know, if we could all come together and help find her. >> police say parts othe story did notdd up. they searched storro's house yesterday and that's when they say she admitted the attack was self-inflicted. she did it herself. police have not determined the motive for her actions. officials are also woing on a way to return all the mone that was donated to help the woman.
6:42 pm
a one-time suspect in the aruba disappearance of natalee holloway met with the mher of the missing teenager. she wa in jail. still is. beth holloway twiy's attorney said she sbeen the prison and spoke to van der sloot for a few minutes. she was then kicked out because she didn't have permission to be there. she said she had no hate inher heart for him. van der sloot is being held in the murder of a peruvian woman. >> 2-0 terps will be in morgantown. the redskins' offense expects improvement. they will need it. and a georgia high school running back decides to leap over the competition. this is ridiculous.
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2-0 won't surprise me will. >> i'll take change. >> i said i would not be surprised if they won. didn't i? >> no. you did not. >> check the tape. >> didn't he used to write a colonel yum called the
6:46 pm
bandwagon? >> yes. >> you're on it already. >> no, not quite. i said i would ot be surprised. >> i wouldn't be surprised either. texas still a three-point favorite over the redskins on sunday. the same number the cowbo were favored by and we saw how that tued out. isn't that iron snik in order for the redskins to go 2-0, the offense will need to score which is something that did not happe against the cowboys. donavancnabb and company shut out of the end zone. mike and kyle shanahan's offense only put up 250 total yards. donavan mcnabb did not spread the ball around as much as he would have like. his favorite target may have en chris cooley. he was tied to santana moss for six catches. the redskins need to utilize more receivers on offense. coollynd moss, the only players with morthan one catch. anthony armstrong basically the number two receiver. man, he should have caught that. he had a chance to make a great touchdown catch. armstrong only had one catch in
6:47 pm
the game. he knows the cowboys game was just a start. >> i'm extrely confident. like coachhanahan said, that was only round one. we're about to be in round two. and i think everybody pretty much kne this. we're only about five, x months in. we're still learning day in and day out. we have practice to do things and get better. i think everything will be fine by the time the rest of the season rolls around. >> we'll change it up. i feel like from a player's standpoint, iis so different this week. i talked to a few of the ys. and after practice we said, wow. he is really spinning. we have so much different stuff in. there is a lot of adjustments to make offensively and i'm sure they'll do thesame thing. i'm sure they know. they have the idea, what we kw. whatever. a chess match. if we're ever going to change it. and we'll go from there. >> i don't know whathe was trying to say but i assume he is
6:48 pm
saying, they know us. we know them. we've been trying to figure out who has the advantage. their get on the field them play. >> and we'll see. >> we'll see. >> that will decide it. the latest injury news, albert haynesworth listed as questionable. but he is expected to play in back-up role, according to head coach shanahan. and moore who is back fm knee surgery doubtful so it looks like they will be facing the texans without the starting free safety. the offense, e of the best in the nfl. what about the defense? ast year houston was ranked almost smack dab in the middle of the league in temperature of points allowed. right around 20. last week against the colts, texas mostly had their way with manning and company holding them to ten point. now they face a quarterback in donavan mcnabb who is a bit
6:49 pm
different from manning and presentsthem with other problems. >> me myself, i, i hate quarterbacks. th can scramble. they are lying a defensive lineman's worst nightmare. you can get your best rush. no matter how good the rush is, they can evade you, pick up a first down. that's like the baddest thing ever for a defensive lineman. you get a nice clan move and he still breaks free and rush for like 15, 20 yards. and got to get back up and line up again. >> one of the great quarterbacks of the league. he's been to the big game before. he knows how to lead the team. does a great job of moving around in the pocket. scrambling to run the ball. so he does present problems. >> the redskins and texas kick off at 4:15. also, a children's book drive at fed-ex field. there will be collection bins all around the stadium. maryland and wt virginia renewing their football rivalry
6:50 pm
this weekend after a couple of years off. and it really hasn't been much of a rivalry lately. the mountaineers he won the last four meetings. west virginia ranked 21st in the country. coming off a squeaker against mashall in which they barely evadedthe upset. maryland improved to 2-0 with a 62-3 win. the terps going into moantown as ten-point underdogs but feeling very good about their chances. maryland coming off a 45-point first half against morgan state. the 62 point they scored are the most the terps have scored in a game since 1975. with two wins already, maurl has matched the win total for last season. now it is a road trip to morgantown where it is never easy to play. >> i think this is another test for us. om a team standpoint. number one, the play on the road and hostile environment against a very good football team. number two is to play in a game.
6:51 pm
the more we win, the bigger the games get. i think this i a very gig game for us. >> since i've been here, they had the best us. one of our ings, the goal is to win. it will be a great challenge. the top 25. they have tremendous athletes. for defense, especially, a big challenge for us. >> maryland, west virginia meet up on saturday in morgantown. before we leave you, a couple high school football pays you have to see. we start in northern virginia. this is from last friday's game. third quarter, madison and yorktown. andy qui mcguire is there to receive -- look out there. oh, the kick was so deep that it drove them ito the goalpost. this kid bounced right back up and played just a few moments later and he held on to the ball. he hurdles the defender.
6:52 pm
unbelievable. this is like a high hurdle over this guy. what a great play that was down in georgia. high school football games. most of them played earlier because of the jewish holiday. so a slow friday night in terms of high school football. >> thank you, dan. coming up, republican ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talto your doctor about prescription treatment options and support.
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and this time, make it your time. [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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the comedians steven colbert and jon stewart plan to bring their political feud to washington right before the mid-term election them plan to hold dueling rallies on the national mall on october 30th. is a satirical response to the glenn beck ral in front of the lincoln memorial last month. he says it is for people who haveust been too busy to go to these other pitical rallies. colonel bert is calling his
6:56 pm
event the march to keep fear alive. the national park services say they have file an application. and the annual values voter summit. that movement is growing but members are divid over priorities. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: conservatives came to washington on a political high. >>ow sweet it is! >> reporter: one by one, the most conservative candidates won republican primaries to take on democrats. >> i am soeager for november to come. i can't wait! how about you? >> reporter: we cannot relent until we win the american congress back for the common sense and common values of the american people. >> reporter: what are those values conservatives are divided? the tea party is rising, fighting for lower taxes, less
6:57 pm
government, lower deficit. b tea partiers are too obsessed with president obama. >> we're all concerned about our own pocket book. i think we should be concerned about our own values and morals. there are delaware gop nominee christine o'donnell has a foot in both camps, opposing abortion even in cases of rape, and calling president obama anti-american. the small elite don't get us. they call us wacky. they call us wing nuts. we call us we the people. >> reporter: and tea partiers deny their new star will be badly beaten in the fall. >> we'll see. i don't believe that. i believe that there is a shift going on in this country here. >> reporter: no question but how conservatives are shifting is another issue. with many values voters fearing the recession will push their social agenda to the back
6:58 pm
burner. nbc news, washington. veronica is here with another look at the weather. i'm asking about the weather for sunday morning for the race over the wi bridge. >> how many miless that? >> a half marathon. >> 13 miles. the first road race to go tow wilson bridge. >> 62 degrees to start. it will be a nice crisp, cool weather to start things off. our temperatures out there are in the 70s. we're going to be dropping down into the 50s and 60s here during the overnight. 76 it is right now in the district. there it is. the clear skies going into tomorrow morning. the sun is up at 6:52. we'll have a high of about 80 degrees, guys. it should be nice weather through theweekend. big fair going to, of course. these gaze in bluemont no, amateurs. this is their 41st. the next chance of rain, not until wednesday of next week.
6:59 pm
>> lots of stuff going on. >> thank you. dick knight lives in ft. miers, florida. he has two college age grandsons. ter nearly two decadeses, he's been planning this. they only got a peek at his big surprise. this year, they are finally able to open the big boxes. do you know when they found? two custom harleys. a legacy that dick knight said he hasreamed about since the boys were in diapers. he said he waited until they were old enough to really appreciate . i'll bet they do. nowthat legacy of gifting will pass down to dick's sons, but for now, he said he just wants to see brett and kyle graduate before he even thinks about them having kids of their own. >> you already got your grandson on amoorcycle. >> don't even think about it. >> we talked.

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